Historical Metallurgy Vol. 17.2


Historical Metallurgy Journal 17.2

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Historical Metallurgy Journal Vol 17.2

63 Copper and bronze metallurgy in Sardinia. R.F. Tylecote, M.S. Balmuth and R. Massoli-Novelli
79 Spinning, turning, polishing. P. Craddock and J. Lang
83 X-ray Fluorescence Analysis of the Appleford hoard of Romano-British pewter. A.M. Pollard
91 English iron for American arms: laboratory evidence on the iron used at the Springfield Armoury in 1860. R.B. Gordon
99 Depletion gilding and surface treatment of gold alloys from the Narino area of ancient Colombia. D.A. Scott
116 A rock-cut copper smelting furnace in the Timna valley. B. Rothenberg
119 A note on some medieval pewter spoon alloys. R. Brownsword and E.E.H. Pitt
120 Early blast-furnace news. Edited by C.R. Blick
127 A blast-furnace picture on glass. K. Gale

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