The HMS Grants Fund

The Society awards grants for activities that further the aims of the Society. Grants are provided from the investment income of funds set aside for this purpose.

Following an award, a short report (about 500-1000 words) of the results of the research or activity supported must be submitted to HMS. This would be considered for inclusion in the journal Historical Metallurgy or the newsletter The Crucible.

So long as it will further the aims of the Society there is no restriction as to the purpose of an application. In the past grants have typically been made for research, travel, publication, or attendance at conferences.

Applications for grants are considered by Council in March and October and must be received by the end of the preceding January or August respectively.

As a guide about £700 is available for distribution in each round. Typically grants of £150 to £350 are made; grants over £500 are exceptional. It is unusual for a grant to be made after the expenditure has been incurred.

Any unused funds must be returned to HMS.

Download an application form here. And send any applications to our grants committee here.

Making a donation to our Grants Fund

If you would like to contribute to our grant fund please either donate online here or download and complete this form, we can accept a range of payment options. In addition the Society can claim back tax (Gift Aid) on your donation provided that you pay UK tax.
Please email completed forms to:

Please add the value of your donation below (no £ sign is needed). There is also additional space to add notes that will be sent with your donation.[wdgk_donation]

Background to the Grants Fund

The HMS Grants Fund derives principally from three sources. These were operated separately until 2018 but it was found this could cause confusion as grants were awarded for slightly different, but overlapping, purposes. These have since then become amalgamated into one grant fund.

The Coghlan Bequest was left to the society in 1981 by Mr. H.H. Coghlan in his will. He was a founder of the Historical Metallurgy Group, a predecessor of the HMS.

The Tylecote Memorial Fund commemorates the renowned archaeometallurgist who was another founder member of the HMS. Funds for the memorial were subscribed by members following his death in 1991.

The Anniversary Fund was set up in 2013 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Society, and was again subscribed to principally by members of the Society.

The Historical Metallurgy Society would like to acknowledge with gratitude donations from the following benefactors:

Keith Blackney
Marjorie Hutchinson
Alastair Lings

We would also like to acknowledge other anonymous benefactors.