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Historical Metallurgy Journal Vol 12.1

1 A seventeenth-century blast-furnace at Allensford, Northumberland. S.M. Linsley and R.Hetherington
12 Medieval iron artefacts from the Newbury area of Berkshire: metallurgical examinations. H.H. Coghlan and R.F. Tylecote
18 Early iron-working sites in North East Yorkshire. R.H. Hayes
27 A Cleveland ironstone pillar. J.E. Hemingway
28 The iron industry of East Denbighshire during the late eighteenth century. J.T. Turley
36 Eighteenth-century blast-furnaces: A new checklist. P. Riden
40 A new kind of Copper Slag from Tawi Aarja, Oman. G. Weisgerber
44 The performance of an experimental Charcoal fired Crucible Furnace. A.E. Wraith
48 Mining History in South East Europe: The First Symposium Bulgaria 1975. T.A.P. Greeves

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