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Historical Metallurgy Journal 10.1

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Historical Metallurgy Journal Vol 10.1

1 Metallographic examination of six ancient steel weapons. C.W. Brewer
10 Report on International Symposium at Eisenstadt.
11 Bessemer and West Cumberland. D.R. Wattleworth
13 Blast-furnace management on Teesside in 1908. D. Charman
15 An examination of some Palestinian bronzes. K. Branigan, H. McKerrell, and R.F. Tylecote
24 Slag from an ancient copper smelter at Timna, Israel. C. Milton, E.J. Dwornik, R.B. Finkelman and P. Toulmin II
34 Crucibles from a Roman settlement in Germany. H.G. Bachmann
36 The minerals of south-west Scotland. J. Williams
40 Report on Maryport ingots. B. Ashmore

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