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Contains: *Celtic-Roman Age Ironmaking in Norway. * Investigation of Ancient Iron Production in Ethiopia. * Ancient Iron Smelting in Iswal, South-East Rajasthan. *A Further Visit to Irish Blast Furnace.

The Crucible: Issue 96

Winter 2017

Main contents include…

  • Celtic-Roman Age Ironmaking in Norway.
  • Shedding light on the Dark Ages (Viking Swords).
  • Archaeometallurgy In Tigrai: A Pilot Investigation Of Ancient Iron Production In Ethiopia.
  • A Further Visit To Irish Blast Furnace.
  • Ancient Iron Smelting In Iswal, South-East Rajasthan.

also to be found…

  • One Minute Interview – Vincent Serneels.
  • Meet your Community – Lorna Anguilano.
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