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Summary blurb

Jonathan Prus

Main Interests

  • cognition and worldviews among pre-modern metal workers
  • gas flows through bloomery furnaces
  • the chemistry and classification of slags

I was Hon. Gen. Secretary of HMS from 2017 until June 2021 at which point I assumed responsibility for the HMS website. I’ve never been a practising academic but through HMS its my privilege and pleasure to meet so many with the same interests as me who are ready to share their extensive knowledge and competence.

I got my Ph.D. at Cranfield University in Innovation and Technology Assessment in the International Ecotechnology Research Centre by part time study. I also obtained a degree from the OU and then an MBA by part time study.

I spent about ten years of my working life in teaching and much of the rest of it running a company that provides services for people with learning disabilities. Circa 1981, whilst teaching history in the newly independent Zimbabwe I came across the idea (and the evidence) of bloomery iron production. That idea still grips.



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