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Bulletin of the Historical Metallurgy Group Vol 5.1

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Bulletin of the Historical Metallurgy Group Vol 5.1

4 The industrial metallurgical history of the Swansea region. H. O’Neill
6 The Welsh process of copper smelting. D.W. Hopkins
9 Some aspects of fieldwork in 16th-century industrial history. D.W. Crossley
12 Smelting in Perthshire – a quest for copper. J.W. Bainbridge
15 Excavation of bloomeries in Rannoch (Perthshire) and elsewhere. W.G. Aitken
24 The charcoal finery and chafery forge. G.R. Morton and J. Wingrove
29 The examination of two samples of bloomery iron. G.T. Brown
33 Further analysis of the bronze coinage of the Emperor Maxentius, AD 306–312. L.H. Cope and H.N. Billingham
37 Examination of copper alloy tools from Tal y Yahya, Iran. R.F. Tylecote and H. McKerrell

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