Historical Metallurgy Vol. 18.2


Historical Metallurgy Journal 18.2

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Historical Metallurgy Journal Vol 18.2

65 Ancient Athenian silver mines, dressing floors and smelting sites. J.E. Jones
82 Machining wrought iron with carbon steel tools. E.M. Trent and E.F. Smart
89 Studies on an ancient Chinese cast-iron object with a bronze coating. W. Rostoker, B. Bronson and J. Dvorak
95 Some traditional Chinese iron production techniques practiced in the 20th century. D.B. Wagner
105 Elemental analysis of Himalayan metal statues. P. Nieuwenhuysen and F.C. Adams
109 Iron gun-founding in the mid-17th century. The winter blowings at Horsmonden 1656 and 1659. G.W.E. Farrow
112 The survival of early blast-furnaces: a world survey. D. Crossley
132 Early blast-furnace news. Edited by C. Blick

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