Historical Metallurgy Vol. 18.1


Historical Metallurgy Journal 18.1

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Journal Contents

Historical Metallurgy Journal Vol 18.1

1 Sir William Siemens 1823–1883. K.C. Barraclough
8 Further examination of cutting tip from cannon-boring tool. E.M. Trent and E.F. Smart
13 Copper sulphate as an ancient source of copper. W. Rostoker and G. Shen
21 A metallurgical study of iron pile shoes from the Roman bridge at Minturnae. J. Campbell and F. Fahy
31 Shape and microstructure of copper produced in a reconstructed ancient smelting process. M. Bamberger
35 The composition of some sixth-century Kentish silver brooches. D. Leigh, M. Cowell and S. Turgoose
42 Roman brass-making in Britain. J. Bayley
44 Early blast-furnace news. Edited by C. Blick

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